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Pivot Point manufactures wire rope cable assemblies in off-the-shelf and custom configurations.Often used as tethers and restraint cables, these assemblies are manufactured on automated equipment to provide consistent quality, reliable break strengths, at a similar price point to flimsier imported parts. Steel lanyards are stocked in galvanized or stainless steel cable, with or without nylon or PVC coating, in 6" or 12" lengths, and with a range of end terminal options. Find our off-the-shelf sizes below, or build-your-own customized version and submit for a quote.

Pivot Point also features injection-molded Nylon Lanyards, which are a low-cost tether for fasteners. Our Nylon Lanyards are available in two styles - a fixed loop style and a "U-Lock" style which has an open loop that snaps shut to secure the tether in place.

Below you will also find a selection of end terminals. Some end terminals are available for sale "loose", but most require specialized equipment to install, and are only available to be installed by Pivot Point on completed lanyard assemblies as a custom product.

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