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End Fittings

Various end fittings are available for you to choose from. Any combination of fittings may be used for the wire rope lanyard assemblies we supply.

Don’t see what you need? Just ask! There are many other fittings available beyond what is shown.

End fittings for wire rope lanyards include: sleeves (for loops), stop sleeves, thimbles, stamped eyelets, mounting tabs, ball ends, ball shanks, threaded studs, and more.

A selection of fittings are available for purchase- allowing you to make you own wire rope lanyard assemblies. Some end fittings are available “Pre-Installed Only” and are sold only as part of a finished lanyard assembly. High quality, precision parts will get the job done right. We can advise correct assembly procedures for your application.

Oval sleeves, stop sleeves and lanyard tabs can be assembled with our Cable Cutter and Crimp Tool.

NOTE: Stamped eyelets, Balls/Ball Shanks and Threaded Ends require special assembly equipment.

Save yourself the hassle of making assemblies in house and ask us for a quote on complete Stock or Custom Assemblies!

Our recent advances in automation allow us to produce high quality Steel Lanyards at prices competitive with imports and with FAST lead times.

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