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Stock Lanyards

Pivot Point manufactures high-quality Wire Rope Lanyard assemblies, which are typically used as tethers for pins and other components to prevent loss, as well as for door restraint cables and other uses. Stock Lanyards are available in 3/64” or 1/16” diameter wire rope. Choose from Galvanized or Stainless cable, coated or uncoated, 6” or 12” length and Loop-Loop, Loop-Eyelet, or Eyelet-Eyelet configuration.

Custom Lanyards are available in other diameters, constructions, coatings and configurations, limited only by your imagination!

Pivot Point stock lanyards are made from durable 7 x 7 aircraft cable, chosen for its strength and flexibility.

  • Material and length options:
    • Galvanized and Stainless steel cable
    • 6” and 12" lengths
  • Coating options:
    • Bare – no coating
    • PVC – popular for appearance, flexibility and low cost
    • Nylon – exceptional durability and abrasion resistance
  • Stock Lanyard configurations:
    • Loop-Loop
    • Loop-Eyelet
    • Eyelet-Eyelet

Order stock lanyards now! With recent automation advances, Pivot Point produces high-quality Wire Rope Lanyards with fast lead times and prices competitive with imports.

We also provide bulk cable if you wish to make your own steel lanyard assemblies.

For low-cost alternatives for light-duty retention, Pivot Point exclusively offers Standard Nylon Lanyards™ and U-Lock Nylon Lanyards™.


Stock Lanyards Made in the USA

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