Pivot Point

Pins, Cotters, Rings

Pivot Point has diverse manufacturing capabilities that include cold heading, screw machining, high-speed drilling, CNC/Swiss-turning, ball detenting, milling, bending, secondary operations and more.

Cold headed parts are available with a variety of head styles available including standard IFI heads, button heads, truss heads, pan heads and others.

Screw machined parts include basic pin-type items as well as precision machined components.

Our decades of expertise in ball-detent technology provides the highest quality and reliability in various Quick-Release solutions that are available.

Cold headed, screw machined and Quick-Release solutions are available as both stock and custom parts to your specifications, including different sizes/configurations, materials, finishes and more.

Cotter pins include the well-known Hair Pin Cotters, as well as our unique inventions: Bow-Tie Locking Cotters, Rue-Ring Locking Cotters and Infinity S-hooks.

A number of rings are available to suit different applications in both steel/zinc plated and stainless steel.

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