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Opera Theatre Sings the Virtues of Pins

The Opera Theatre of St. Louis has discovered the usefulness of Non-Threaded Fasteners, having found that a Pivot Point pin-lanyard-cotter combination is perfect for their quick-change scenery application. Let’s take a quick look ”behind the scenes“!

The Opera Theatre has to changeover the scenery between shows pretty quickly, so they have devised a system to use latches in place of bolts to fasten walls and platforms together. Pulling 50 latches is significantly faster than tightening the equivalent number of bolts. The pins that Pivot Point provide act as alignment pins to ensure that each wall fits together properly. The Theatre states ”since we have started using these we keep finding new applications for the pins on scenery, props and even lighting equipment.“

You never know where you will find our fasteners! Pivot Point is proud to provide world-class fasteners to numerous industries, including aerospace, medical, military, transportation, consumer products, industrial goods and more.

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